Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

Love Can't Wait PART 3

sorry for not posting so long, here the part 3!!

Part 3

I turn around...

Taylor: LORD!!! *jump, covering my mouth*

Derek: woah! Sorry *smile*

Taylor: you... you.. you.. Hi!

Derek: *laugh* you hi too!

Taylor: *giggled* Ehm.. im sorry for offending your girl

Derek: you dont, she was talking to her self remember? *wink*

Taylor: *smile* thanks

I was gonna walk from my locker when he called me

Derek: Tay! Wait!

He reach out his hand and put in my hair.

Taylor: W... what are you doing? *nervous*

Derek: you had... flower in your hair *smile and give me a piece of flower*

Taylor: oh, flip. Thanks *took it, messing with my long hair*

Derek: Anytime, i gotta go. It’s been nice talking to you *smile*

He pulled away from my next locker and walk away.Does he always have to leave me like this?I know he doesnt like me but ... Damn! I sighed and walkout

Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

Love Can't Wait PART 2

Sorry for not posting for like milion years
Now enjoy the part tooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Part 2


Casey scream with her noisy voice. She run to Derek with her ‘ fake boobs’ heh bitch.Derek rolled his eyes, cute!

Derek: i better go before a storm comes along. See ya around *smile, walk away*


Sarah: * run to Taylor* Taylor!Taylor!

Taylor: OH- MY- GOD! He talk to me!

Sarah: *laugh* lets go to class

We walked to Science class and we have a project to do

Sarah: So, What happened exactly?

Taylor: i dropped a book and he give it to me

Sarah: Wow! So romantic!

Taylor: *laugh* he just give me a book! Not a kiss!

Sarah: Still! The books important too! And he talk to you! And he noticed you!

Taylor:Right *laugh*

Sarah: does he know your name?

Taylor: he called me Tay*smile*

Sarah: awww *melted*

We both laugh and spent all the classes with talke about him.


Casey : eww.. i dont like this food.it sucks *walked us by*

Taylor: atleast we have it

Everybody owwed and Derek smile

Casey: excuse me ? were you talking to me? *look at Taylor*

Taylor: no, i was talking to my invisible friend. Im sorry, you wanted my attention?

Everyone laugh

Casey: you little bitch!

Taylor: well, i have an invisible friend, but actually you’re worse if you’re talking to yourself

I said and stood up, throwing my tray away and walking out with Sarah

Sarah: maannn, she gonna pay for that!

Taylor: i know *laugh*

When school finished and i refused other six guys, i was at my locker again with Sarah

Sarah: ehm..Taylor *whisper*

Taylor: o na na that’s my name! What?

Sarah: *bit her lips and nod* i’ll go get i dont know what in my locker. See you at the car *run away*

Taylor: what?!

I was still looking at her, but she didn’t stop. I turned to the locker

Who's behind her? Derek ;) ? Or Casey :/ ?

Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

Love Can't Wait PART 1

A.S : Yeah Baby! New Story!! Please read my new story and ask me if you want more part in twitter @TalithaAdrielaT. Enjoyyy


Hey, My name is Taylor. I always expect there’s someone called me Tay, but nobody.Even my bestfriend and my parents.I have a long brown wavy hair,gray,green,and brown eyes,tall and skinny. My mom was died seven years ago,so i live with my dad.

I wanna tell you guys something, i have a huge crush with this boy name Derek Butler. He a famous and every teenage girl love him, including me.He’s go to same school as i but we just talk sometimes.you know, because i was kinda the ‘un-noticed’ girl in school.


“Taylor!Hurry Up!We gonna be late for school”

Sarah,my bestfriend. She always like that every morning, even we’re not late.

“Im almost done!” i yelled back from upstairs

I put some lipgloss and put my iPhone on my bag.

“Amen!Let’s go!”she said

“Dad!Im out!See ya after school” i yelled and closed the door

Sarah and i walking to school.

Sarah: “So, are you going to the prom next week?”

Taylor: “That would be fun,but with who?”

Sarah: “You should ask Derek”

Taylor: “He doesnt even know my name*sigh*

Sarah: “well, if you introduce yourself to him, he will know it!”

Taylor: “whatever,how bout you Sar?”

Sarah: “i dont know but Terry want to go”

Taylor: “thats good, just go then”

Sarah: “i dont want leave you alone”

Taylor: “pssh..its ok, i will have my movie night”

Sarah: “rite, movie night*sarcasm* haha”

Taylor: “what, you used to like movie night until...five second ago” *laugh*

We talk about that school slut behavior until we arrived at school

Terry: “Hi babe, hi Taylor” *kiss Sarah*

Taylor: “ hey”

Terry: hey,Taylor, i think i know who wants to go to the prom with you

Taylor: who?

Terry: THE WHOLE SCHOOL! Why dont you accept them?

Taylor: *rolled eyes* you already know, see ya in class

They keep lovey dovey and kissing.GAH! im envy rite now.when will Derek like that to me?

I walked to my locker when this guy name Jaden come to me

Jaden: want to go to prom with me?

Taylor: sorry, im not going

Alex: how about me?

Taylor: still not going

Kyle: and me?

Taylor:*sigh* sorry Kyle, im not going

Kyle: oh ok *sad face* if you change your mind, let me know

I nooded and they walk away.I sigh

“Hey Tay!”

Taylor: *turn around* i already said im not go-*froze*

OMG!it’s Derek!If he ask me, im going!WAIT!He know my name? He know my name! And he called me Tay!Hiiipp

Derek: *smile*

Taylor: sorry.. i ehmm

Derek: Dont worry, i understand

Taylor:Okay *smile*

Derek: Ehm..here, you dropped this *handed Taylor her book*

Taylor:Oh.. yeah, thanks *fake smile, took it and throw to the locker*

Derek:*laugh* no problem, btw you going to the prom?

Taylor: i dont know ... maybe ... you?

Derek: *sigh* heh i have to

Taylor: you’d rather a movie, rite?

Derek: Hell yeah! What you gonna do if you dont go?

Taylor: Maybe movie *smile*

Derek : ouch! That’s hurt

Taylor: *giggled* sorry *shrugged*

Derek: that’s okay *smile*

Then i hear a botch a voice


Who's calling Derek??


Nha sebelum gue post cerita terbaru gue, gue mau ngasih foto untuk Character dari cerita 'Gorgeous is my Precious Word' supaya kalian semua pada tau aja muka characternya, ok?

Abe (Abigail Breeze)

Cantik kannn?? Ya iyalah yaw, Pemeran utama tuh harus cantik (ga harus juga sih) hehe


Chill!! Yeah I know this's Nathan from The Wanted. Thanks for Tami :D i can know Nathan The Wanted



Yeah! It's Chaz Somers in Da House!!!

I cant find the romantic-funny guy except Chaz Somers


That's all the character
Wait for my new Story, Ok??