Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

Love Can't Wait PART 3

sorry for not posting so long, here the part 3!!

Part 3

I turn around...

Taylor: LORD!!! *jump, covering my mouth*

Derek: woah! Sorry *smile*

Taylor: you... you.. you.. Hi!

Derek: *laugh* you hi too!

Taylor: *giggled* Ehm.. im sorry for offending your girl

Derek: you dont, she was talking to her self remember? *wink*

Taylor: *smile* thanks

I was gonna walk from my locker when he called me

Derek: Tay! Wait!

He reach out his hand and put in my hair.

Taylor: W... what are you doing? *nervous*

Derek: you had... flower in your hair *smile and give me a piece of flower*

Taylor: oh, flip. Thanks *took it, messing with my long hair*

Derek: Anytime, i gotta go. It’s been nice talking to you *smile*

He pulled away from my next locker and walk away.Does he always have to leave me like this?I know he doesnt like me but ... Damn! I sighed and walkout

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