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Love Can't Wait PART 2

Sorry for not posting for like milion years
Now enjoy the part tooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Part 2


Casey scream with her noisy voice. She run to Derek with her ‘ fake boobs’ heh bitch.Derek rolled his eyes, cute!

Derek: i better go before a storm comes along. See ya around *smile, walk away*


Sarah: * run to Taylor* Taylor!Taylor!

Taylor: OH- MY- GOD! He talk to me!

Sarah: *laugh* lets go to class

We walked to Science class and we have a project to do

Sarah: So, What happened exactly?

Taylor: i dropped a book and he give it to me

Sarah: Wow! So romantic!

Taylor: *laugh* he just give me a book! Not a kiss!

Sarah: Still! The books important too! And he talk to you! And he noticed you!

Taylor:Right *laugh*

Sarah: does he know your name?

Taylor: he called me Tay*smile*

Sarah: awww *melted*

We both laugh and spent all the classes with talke about him.


Casey : eww.. i dont like this food.it sucks *walked us by*

Taylor: atleast we have it

Everybody owwed and Derek smile

Casey: excuse me ? were you talking to me? *look at Taylor*

Taylor: no, i was talking to my invisible friend. Im sorry, you wanted my attention?

Everyone laugh

Casey: you little bitch!

Taylor: well, i have an invisible friend, but actually you’re worse if you’re talking to yourself

I said and stood up, throwing my tray away and walking out with Sarah

Sarah: maannn, she gonna pay for that!

Taylor: i know *laugh*

When school finished and i refused other six guys, i was at my locker again with Sarah

Sarah: ehm..Taylor *whisper*

Taylor: o na na that’s my name! What?

Sarah: *bit her lips and nod* i’ll go get i dont know what in my locker. See you at the car *run away*

Taylor: what?!

I was still looking at her, but she didn’t stop. I turned to the locker

Who's behind her? Derek ;) ? Or Casey :/ ?

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