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Love Can't Wait PART 1

A.S : Yeah Baby! New Story!! Please read my new story and ask me if you want more part in twitter @TalithaAdrielaT. Enjoyyy


Hey, My name is Taylor. I always expect there’s someone called me Tay, but nobody.Even my bestfriend and my parents.I have a long brown wavy hair,gray,green,and brown eyes,tall and skinny. My mom was died seven years ago,so i live with my dad.

I wanna tell you guys something, i have a huge crush with this boy name Derek Butler. He a famous and every teenage girl love him, including me.He’s go to same school as i but we just talk sometimes.you know, because i was kinda the ‘un-noticed’ girl in school.


“Taylor!Hurry Up!We gonna be late for school”

Sarah,my bestfriend. She always like that every morning, even we’re not late.

“Im almost done!” i yelled back from upstairs

I put some lipgloss and put my iPhone on my bag.

“Amen!Let’s go!”she said

“Dad!Im out!See ya after school” i yelled and closed the door

Sarah and i walking to school.

Sarah: “So, are you going to the prom next week?”

Taylor: “That would be fun,but with who?”

Sarah: “You should ask Derek”

Taylor: “He doesnt even know my name*sigh*

Sarah: “well, if you introduce yourself to him, he will know it!”

Taylor: “whatever,how bout you Sar?”

Sarah: “i dont know but Terry want to go”

Taylor: “thats good, just go then”

Sarah: “i dont want leave you alone”

Taylor: “pssh..its ok, i will have my movie night”

Sarah: “rite, movie night*sarcasm* haha”

Taylor: “what, you used to like movie night until...five second ago” *laugh*

We talk about that school slut behavior until we arrived at school

Terry: “Hi babe, hi Taylor” *kiss Sarah*

Taylor: “ hey”

Terry: hey,Taylor, i think i know who wants to go to the prom with you

Taylor: who?

Terry: THE WHOLE SCHOOL! Why dont you accept them?

Taylor: *rolled eyes* you already know, see ya in class

They keep lovey dovey and kissing.GAH! im envy rite now.when will Derek like that to me?

I walked to my locker when this guy name Jaden come to me

Jaden: want to go to prom with me?

Taylor: sorry, im not going

Alex: how about me?

Taylor: still not going

Kyle: and me?

Taylor:*sigh* sorry Kyle, im not going

Kyle: oh ok *sad face* if you change your mind, let me know

I nooded and they walk away.I sigh

“Hey Tay!”

Taylor: *turn around* i already said im not go-*froze*

OMG!it’s Derek!If he ask me, im going!WAIT!He know my name? He know my name! And he called me Tay!Hiiipp

Derek: *smile*

Taylor: sorry.. i ehmm

Derek: Dont worry, i understand

Taylor:Okay *smile*

Derek: Ehm..here, you dropped this *handed Taylor her book*

Taylor:Oh.. yeah, thanks *fake smile, took it and throw to the locker*

Derek:*laugh* no problem, btw you going to the prom?

Taylor: i dont know ... maybe ... you?

Derek: *sigh* heh i have to

Taylor: you’d rather a movie, rite?

Derek: Hell yeah! What you gonna do if you dont go?

Taylor: Maybe movie *smile*

Derek : ouch! That’s hurt

Taylor: *giggled* sorry *shrugged*

Derek: that’s okay *smile*

Then i hear a botch a voice


Who's calling Derek??

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